Kenn FB ProfileKenn Cross graduated from Michigan State University and acquired additional training from the Gloucester College of Arts in England. Utilizing his education and more than 30 years experience, Kenn continues to create beautiful interiors and exteriors across the country.  With a strong background in interior design, landscape design, architecture, construction, interior decorating and staging, he ties all the components of the assignment together resulting in a more fluid link between the affected living environments.

In 2002 Kenn starred in the national celebrity home improvement TV show, Ultimate Country Home, as the on-air designer, landscaper, and carpenter. He has been published in numerous national magazines, invited to speak at many professional organizations, and was chosen as spokesperson for a series of Lowe’s Home Improvement Store commercials.

Kenn has designed and installed beautiful environments for homes, businesses, golf courses, and resorts. He sticks to very strong and proven design principles-many of which he learned from studying European, American, and Asian design. He combines these principles with innovative and unique ideas which led to a reputation for original, distinct, and award winning projects. Kenn’s design principles include a strong attention to detail, color, fragrance, texture, and comfort.

Through his own design company, Kenn Cross Concepts, Kenn has proven to be the perfect choice when it comes to accessing needs, meeting desires, and exceeding dreams for beautiful interior and exterior designs. Kenn provides the added level of professionalism by always being present for every step of the design and installation down to the smallest of details – including contractor meetings, material selections, and final inspection. This assures an accurate installation of his well thought-out designs, as well as allowing the client to have complete confidence in the work being completed.